Kickstarter Spotlight – Paws and Padlocks

Get your dentists on speed dial and prepare your “D’Awww'” face cause this one is adorable sweet! Paws and Padlocks is a family friendly, entry level dungeon crawler with some clever and unique room mechanics. The ridiculously cartoony adventurers have to race through the Slime Castle to steal a specific treasure from the Slime Queen and get out before everyone else.  The gooey theme and the deliciously terrible puns that pack this game will be sure to tickle both kids and kids at heart.

Here’s the pledge video:

Check out Paws and Padlocks on Kickstarter HERE, on Board Game Geek HERE and on the official site HERE.

One thought on “Kickstarter Spotlight – Paws and Padlocks

  1. Thanks for sharing this spotlight! I appreciate you helping spread the word about a variety of projects out there. This one seems like it might be a hit with some of our friends’ kids!


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