Kickstarter Spotlight – Debtzilla

And we’re back after vacation, sickness, work-related insanity and injury! Lots of exciting stuff to talk about but let’s start with a Kickstarter Spotlight!

It seems like there has been an ever-increasing number of board games that are trying to introduce some form of education into their gameplay, whether it’s a serious attempt to teach a second language or a light way present a science at a very high level. This week’s Kickstarter Spotlight asks the questions: can fiscal responsibility be fun?

In Debtzilla players take the role of heroes who are not only attempting to save the city from financial super-villains who are trying to scam money out of the citizens but also must manage their cash flow so that they can purchase the necessary equipment to fight them. Debt can not only clog your hand if it’s not paid off, but it affects the power of Debtzilla, which everyone will need to face when the villains are gone. Debtzilla is a deckbuilding, tableau building and dice pool manipulation in a fun and strategic way and looks like a nice way to introduce the idea of debt management to younger players.

Here is the pitch video:

Check out Debtzilla on Kickstarter HERE, on Board Game Geek HERE, and on the official website HERE.

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