What is this?

This is The Board Gaymer, a site dedicated to tabletop gaming.

Who are you?

I’m a 30 something Canadian, sports loving, gaymer geek that loves board games in particular. I have a collection of about 400 of them.

Why Gaymer?

Because that’s, among many other things, it one of the ways that I identify. I’m announcing it for two primary reasons:

1) To make it clear that this is a space that is open to everyone, regardless of sexuality, gender identity, race, or religious beliefs as long as everyone is kind to each other.

2) It spells out up front that sometimes content might veer towards topics that are LGTBQ in nature so that people who might be uncomfortable with that know that this is probably not the place for them.

What’s with the hockey theme?

Other than the neat little pun, I’m also a hockey fan and player. The theme spoke to me.