Kickstarter Spotlight – Visions

This week’s Kickstarter Spotlight is Visions, a game about a family troubled by a curse which the players, as ‘visionaries’, must resolve by connecting elements of the families past to gain the mental influence to overcome it. Players collect sets of time cards and play them on the board in order to link the family cards around it to the centre of the playing area. Doing so allows them to claim rewards that increase visionary energy, which opens up one-time bonuses such as playing fewer time cards, and vision stones, which are used to complete personal and master visions.

While I’m not a huge fan of the overall aesthetic and the manual certainly needs some work on the translation, the interesting theme and unique but simple game play mechanics are certainly very attractive as is the play mat that comes with the deluxe edition.

Well worth checking out!

Here’s the pledge video:

Check out Visions on Kickstarter HERE, on Board Game Geek HERE and on the official site HERE.


Kickstarter Spotlight – Star Scrappers: Cave-in

This week’s Kickstarter Spotlight caught my attention by featuring an interesting new mechanic twist to the standard deck building template. Star Scrappers: Cave-in calls itself a discard building game, where the cards you play stay in front of you throughout other player’s turns. The power displayed on the top card takes effect when your next turn starts. Since stealing cards from other players’ discard piles is part of the game, anticipating your opponents’ moves and determining which of their powers will take effect is key. I’ll certainly be backing this one!

Here’s the pledge video:

Check out Star Scrappers: Cave-in on Kickstarter HERE, on Board Game Geek HERE and on the official site HERE.

Kickstarter Spotlight – Epoch: The Awakening

This week on Kickstarter Spotlight is a unique fantasy-themed strategic game with exploration, territory control and resource management elements, Epoch: The Awakening, that I have to admit I almost entirely ignored. I must have scrolled over this one on the Kickstarter page 2 or 3 times before finally giving it a click. Mostly due to the small box image and the grey tile that it sits on. It’s a shame though because am I ever glad that I did give it a look. The tiny thumbnail does no justice to the incredibly rich and detailed artwork, and the austere layout gives no hint to what appears to be a very dynamic and unique take on the fantasy adventure game. Particularly fascinating is the resource relationship between your potential, influence, and conviction, with your cubes needing to be moved from one to another to be used for various purposes. I also shouldn’t fail to mention the unique die cut card designs.

Do yourself a favour and don’t skip over this one.

Here’s the pledge video:

Check out Epoch: The Awakening on Kickstarter HERE, on Board Game Geek HERE and on the official site HERE.

Kickstarter Spotlight – A Place in the Sun

This week’s Kickstarter Spotlight is A Place in the Sun by Vermin Games, a space themed empire building card game that has some slick artwork and an interesting dial based mechanic that is meshed in with the individual card play. The dials not only indicate how many cards you must play each turn but also change the specific interactions you have with your faction. Seems like a very interesting concept that I’m looking forward to trying out!

Here’s the pitch video:

Check out A Place in the Sun on Kickstarter HERE, on Board Game Geek HERE and on the official Vermin Games site HERE.